Stories from the front-lines by indie filmmakers

Indie Film Survivors is a podcast that talks to the filmmakers behind many of the amazing films you’ve most likely never heard of. 

These aren’t the big-budgeted films you’ll find in your local theaters. They are the gritty, low-budget gems that often the story of how they got made is as incredible as the movies themselves. 

From an idea to the editing bay and everything in between. We learn how they handled each hurdle and every win. 

We will also help educate other filmmakers to make their production process easier from pre-production to distribution. We’ve bruised ourselves up in that process so you don’t have to. 

Are you a filmmaker with a story? Reach out to us in the contact form and let us share your story with the world. 


Our Hosts


Gil Luna

Gil Luna has worked on many films including the award-winning feature film, Population: 2, which screened at several festivals and was released worldwide. Luna is now a writer for “The Asylum” Films – a well-known American Independent studio. The studio is best known for producing the Sharknado film series and the Syfy original series, Z Nation. Luna has been working in the industry for nearly 30 years collecting several awards and is considered a dedicated artist and filmmaker using his myriad of experiences to address controversial issues in his projects. Luna wants to push the boundaries to the limit with his films making them memorable and impactful. 


DeAnna Cali

DeAnna Cali is actor, wildlife conservationist, and recently added, Documentary Filmmaker to her resume. She has been acting since she was 4 years old as she grew up in Phoenix Arizona. She earned her SAG card upon her move to Los Angeles in 2014. She has done indie films, and network television shows, but recently made a move back to Arizona and is currently working on her documentary “Celebrity + One” and raising funding for that project. For more on DeAnna and her projects  check out her IMDB and you can follow on IG @zoogal and TikTok @stardate2024


Bill Doty

Left-handed, left-winged, left for dead. A filmmaker who has recently produced Fugued Up and TV in Bed. He is currently creating 2 movies in one via the documentary How To Make A Bad Movie While Really Trying.  Past life producer for Turner Studios, Comedy Central, Funny or Die and more where he spent far too many years created numerous digital shorts. 

If you need to prop up a broken couch, he’s happy to lend you one of the many unseen scripts he’s written that are sitting behind his desk as a leg support.